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Welcome to Pedicab Garage

Together, we are Defining the Fastest and Most Effective Way to Build a Profitable Pedicab Business

About Us

Together, we are defining the fastest, most effective way to build a profitable pedicab business or career so that we can earn a living doing what we love.

This is a place for pedicab drivers, fleet owners or managers, manufacturers, or anyone working in the pedicab industry.

When you join, you'll find a place where you can make a meaningful contribution to others in the industry and where you can connect with others who will propel you on toward long term success.

Why You Should Join Us

If you dream of a pedicab business that your clients and passengers love, that provides you with an income you can live on, and when you work on your business you experience joy and freedom rather than stress and frustration, this is the place for you.

If you are tired of trying to mine through the bickering and negativity found in Facebook groups just to get some decent advice on how to grow your pedicab business, this is the place for you.

If you aren't afraid to get real about what's not working in your business so that you can actually fix the problem and overcome, once and for all, whatever is holding you back from the business of your dreams, then this is the place for you!

What To Expect

When you join the Pedicab Garage, here is what you can expect:

1. CLARITY: A CLEAR PATH TO SUCCESS. Are you experiencing confusion about how to start your business, how to grow your business, or how to fix problems in your business? Inside, you'll find clear answers from other community members who have already been through what you're going through right now, and have found success on the other side.

2. PEOPLE WHO "GET" YOU. Sometimes, people around us are not supportive of our business or dreams of pedicabbing. But here you'll find support and encouragement from others who are just as passionate and determined to make this work as you are, and understand what you're going through.

3. RESULTS. We are here to help you make real progress. Not just to feel better about your business. The entire purpose of this community is so that you can make a real profit by serving your clients and customers with excellence. If you need to make more money, we'll help you do that. If you're making money but you need to find a way to get some time off or put systems in place so that you aren't totally overwhelmed, we'll help you do that. Join the community, tell us what you're struggling with or what goals you haven't been able to reach on your own, and we'll help you overcome those struggles and reach those goals. In other words - you'll get RESULTS.

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